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A Buyer’s or Seller’s Market?

stressOften I am asked whether this is a buyer’s or a seller’s market?  My answer usually depends on whether or not the person asking me is interested in buying or selling.

Beyond my personal interests as a real estate agent, the answer really is both.  The market in central Jerusalem thus far has been fairly unpredictable.  Compared to the years of buyers grabbing virtually every apartment for sale, now there seem to be numerous apartments that are just sitting on the market for long periods of time.    Many buyers used to complain that there aren’t any apartments for sale.   Now that there are apartments on the market buyers complain there are no “good” apartments for sale.  Well, what is a “good” apartment?   According to the vast majority of buyers today, a good apartment is one with ‘few to no steps, spacious, a Succah balcony or garden, a nice building, parking, and of course a “metziah” or at least a “fair price”.

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