size (M 2): 1 M 2 - 500 M 2 Price (₪): ₪100 - ₪50m Clear
Zeit Shemen, Efrat Zayit, Efrat

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This wonderful property is situated in the Zayit, and strategically positioned in the best part of the neighborhood.  It is close to the future brand new mall and swimming pool and right above one of the best parks in Efrat!  Ganim and schools galore; this area is PERFECT for young families that want to live in this highly sought after community. The oversized 3 bedroom is 112 square meters.  There is a wonderful outside Sukah terrace for the kids to play on when they aren’t running around the park right outside the building.   The apartment is airy and bright with…

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Even Gvirol 3, Rechavia Rehavia

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On Even Gvirol street in the heart of Rechavia just off of KKL and minutes to Mamilla is this magnificent two-bedroom apartment. There is a wonderful Succah balcony with lovely open views. On the 3rd floor with a shabbat elevator.  Comes fully furnished!

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Yochai Ben Nun, Beit Hakerem Beit Hakerem

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223 sqm penthouse on one level!  This property has an enormous succah balcony plus a large service balcony. There are 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.  2 parking spots and storage.  Available in July.

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Pitom Haketoret, Efrat Zayit, Efrat

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A gorgeous family home for sale in the Bnei Beitcha neighborhood in the Zayit! This house has it all.  A private entrance that leads into a luxurious, spacious cottage of approximately 230 sqm.  The property has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms so it’s a great functional space for most families.  There is also a fantastic yard with plenty of room for your kids and their friends to run around in.  This cottage is both practical and beautiful.  The newly renovated space includes a fabulous kitchen with loads of built in cupboards and storage. There is central A/C on both floors…

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Kibbutz Galuyot, Bakaa Bakaa

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A rare gem on a pastoral street in Baka.  A classic Jerusalem apartment, spacious rooms, bright airy and full of charm.  The property is in a solid building around the corner from Derech Beit Lechem, a few minutes from Emek Refaim and walking distance to the Talpiyot shopping district. Situated on the 4th floor, the apartment itself is a 4 bedroom with 2 full bathrooms and a beautiful Sukah terrace in very good condition.  There is an extraordinary view from the Sukah balcony, where you can even see the Old City walls!  The building has possible future potential for expansion which only adds to…

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Rachel Imeinu, Old Katamon Old Katamon

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Located in the heart of Old Katamon and an easy stroll to the German Colony, on a beautiful, quiet street canopied by trees.  The building has true curb appeal and authentic Jerusalem charm.  The well kept building has a lovely and inviting entrance to its few fortunate residents.  The property is a spacious 134 square meters, with private registered parking. excellent brand new central heating, air conditioning in two bedrooms and living room/dining room good exposure and insulation which means warm in winter and cool in summer with fantastic natural light. There are a total of three bedrooms: one en…

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